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What is Social Warfare? | Increase Social Traffic and Shares?

What is Social Warfare Plugin? Does it really increase traffic?

What is Social Warfare

What is Social Warfare?

Social warfare is a means to add a share button to your website or blog, through which your articles can be shared at lightning speed.

The social media sharing button is a requisite tool to boost traffic to your site. Social warfare is one of the most popular social media sharing plug-ins.

The premium versions of the social warfare plugin offer more features. Though there are multiple free plugins available with standard features, consider exploring the pro version before deciding on one.

Within the word press community, this is the most recommended plug-in by many famous bloggers.

Is this a free Plugin?

Further advanced features are available in the social warfare pro-plug-in, but the catch is that it is a paid tool.

But there is an added benefit that, if for any reason, you are not happy with the features of the pro version, a full refund can be issued as long as you are within the 45 days window. The features of the paid pro version are listed below.

  • Extreme attention is paid to the aesthetics of this bar and buttons, as it impacts the overall visual of your website.
  • Fastest loading buttons that will never slow down your site.
  • The insights provided Social analytics feature will give a detailed analysis of how your users are engaging with your content.
  • Effective open graph tags and Twitter cards are created in less time by the Social optimizer feature.
  • Customize the look of your buttons bar with around 5000 style combinations.
  • Align your content with a Pinterest-specific image and description to boost the success of your content.
  • Personalized tweets are generated when a visitor clicks on the Twitter button.
  • Content protection feature that includes Frame Buster plug-in that prevents people from hijacking your content.
  • PHP snippets or simple shortcodes buttons are placed anywhere that can redirect traffic to specific pages.
  • Third-party developers can build and extend functionality in the form of plug-in addons.
  • Feature of social share recovery is possible when switching between permalink structures.
  • With UTM tracking, the performance of your social shares can be analyzed.
What is social warfare plugin

Features of Social warfare:

The social warfare plug-in comes in free and paid versions, both of which offer some cool features. The features of the accessible version of this plug-in are listed below.

  • The content protector, which will help in preventing your content from being hijacked
  • Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn for social media sharing
  • Click to tweets
  • Shortcodes
  • Four placement positions are available for your buttons

Cost of social warfare pro-plug-in

The cost of social warfare pro-plug-in sums up to $29 for one site and $89 for five sites.

How do you use social warfare?

Social warfare vs Novashare

Below are a few of the top Social media share plug-ins available in the market.

1 Social snap: It is a popular WordPress plug-in, which has a long list of features, perfect-looking sharing buttons, and a well-designed interface.

It has great features like Click tweet boxes, social media auto posters, boost old posts, social login, and device targeting.

2 Novashare: This is a premium WordPress plug-in for social sharing developed with a performance-focused approach.

The distinct properties like simplicity and scalability make this plug-in stand out. Businesses on small and large scales rely on this plug-in to boost their social shares without bringing the site to crawl.

You can get novashare and use it on your site within a few minutes. Few noteworthy features that must be mentioned in the list are its lightweight.

It uses SVG icons and can perform under 5KB on the front end; its speed, share count recovery, click to tweet block, follow widget, GDPR friendly, Developer agencies, Pinterest image hover pins. The price of this plug-in starts at $29.95 for one site.

Novashare vs Social Warfare

3 Monarch: This is a flexible plug-in from elegant themes that are widely used in social share plug-ins. Elegant themes are famous for their Divi theme and many other such popular plug-ins and themes.

It could be considered a little expensive compared to the other social warfare plug-ins as the elegant themes sell all their products through single memberships.

But it is still mentioned in the list for its features like it can be used in 35 different networks over 5 locations. Adding follow buttons is easier as monarch helps in using shortcodes or widgets.

Triggers can be arranged with your social share buttons when pop-ups and fly-ins occur. There is flexibility in choosing the style of the buttons and adding the social share counts.

After bestowing so many options of WordPress plug-ins and features, the article now aims to pick up the plug-in option that suits the best for your business needs.

You need to pay extra attention to display options of button styles and button placement options. Evaluate all the features and applications of each plug-in before you choose one.

Social Warfare Wordpress Review

Know Everything About Social Warfare

It is unfathomable to understand the Internet world without mentioning Social media and its influence over various sectors. Social media has become a substantial part of our internet life, and it has affected the channels of communication of both individuals and institutions alike.

When we refer to Social media traffic, the most common understanding of the said subject is the traffic that comes to your website or content through social media platforms or social networking channels.

One potential and organic way to boost traffic to your site are through Social sharing. When we talk about social networking platforms, we refer to all the platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Unlike online marketing, online advertising, or endorsing, people share the content out of their free will; they share it as they want their friends, family, and acquaintances to view the content.

Each time a person shares an article or information with someone else, it could create a domino effect, creating pathways to a vast network of customers. 

With the introduction of social media marketing, business owners’ conduct has changed a lot. It has become a powerful tool to increase business prospects as it opens new pathways to reach potential customers.

Choosing the right marketing strategies could lead to remarkable success in your business.


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