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14 Instagram Highlight Ideas for Business & Artists

Best Instagram highlight ideas to grow business and personal account

Instagram Highlight ideas

14 Unique Instagram Highlight Ideas

I have tons of great Instagram Highlight ideas for you on how you can use Highlights to promote your business and personal page. If you’re not sure what Instagram Highlights are and how to create them for your profile, check out this article.

It covers everything you need to know so leave this article now, read it quickly – it’s short and sweet and get back here to know what to do next. Alright, so let’s get right to it! Here are my 14 ideas for Instagram Highlights which will help you educate your dream audience and drive more sales to your business.

1. Introduce Yourself | About Me

Instagram Highlight Ideas, Start by introducing yourself talk about who you are and what you do, and how you serve your community. This is a great highlight to expand on your bio, which is Obviously just an elevator pitch version for Instagram.

And while we’re on that subject, make sure to read this article to check if your bio is optimized to Perfection. So that you don’t lose potential followers.

When people land on your profile, they can first read the short version in your bio, but they can then get to know you better if you create the about me highlight, you can choose the name it starts here, and through that, you can tell them more about the types of posts you share or Point them in the direction.

They want to look at For example, if you’re regularly sharing valuable content on your stories, let them know here. They’ll be more likely to stay on the lookout for those.

2. Directory | Tables of Content

This one is great to keep track of your posts and make it super easy for your audience to find valuable content. For example, if you’re a food blogger and share recipes in your posts, it’s very easy to lose them in the Stream of content, especially if you’re posting regularly, which we all know, you should every time you share the post.

Should share it to your stories, using this little airplane icon and title it, then you can save it to your Instagram highlight to create a table of content of sorts.

Not only does it help you in your followers, stay on top of your content and find it easily. It also has the potential to drive traffic to older content, which will not get engagement on Instagram Otherwise, yeah. It’s a plate on the algorithm as well.

3. Product Categorize

This one is super important I’ve seen thousands of business accounts on Instagram, where I had no idea what they actually sold or offered creating a product catalog might be a good way for you to utilize.

Instagram Highlight Ideas, especially when you’re a smaller brand if you have a handmade jewelry shop, for example, regularly hosts events or sells stationary.

It’s a great way to promote it. and if you have a wider range, why not showcase your best sellers, it can boost your sales and educate your potential clients on what you have to offer.

Instagram Highlights examples

4. Link Directly

If you’re one of the ones who already made it to 10K first off Congratulations, boo, I’m proud of you because we all know it’s hard work.

Use it to your advantage and create a link directory in the highlights. Why? Well, the link in the bio with your CTA is effective, but it limits you a bit. You can create a link tree but including your links in your highlights again helps you expand a bit more, make it nice and branded, and having another place where you can send people to doesn’t hurt right?

5. IGTV Archive

If you don’t have 10,000 followers on IG yet. I feel you The biggest hurdle is of course not having access to the swipe-up feature, but there is a small consolation and that Instagram lets you add a link to your IGTV videos to your stories.

And if you’re not sure how to use IGTV, let me know in the comments and I can write an article just for you. Once you share the video to your stories to get more viewers, add it to your IG TV highlights directory, make sure to include a title, and let your audience know what they’ll get out of the video

6. Client Education (Pre or Post-Purchase)

This point can make your life so much easier and provides a lot of value for your audience, creating a highlight to educate your clients.

Let’s take a beautician as an example before your clients come in for treatment. There are things they have to do right in your stories.

You can educate them on the importance of patch testing, whether or not to wear makeup before or what they should avoid in the week, preceding their visit. Think of all the other ways, this applies to your business. 

Masseuse, why not make your customers feel comfortable by explaining what will happen during their procedure and how they need to prepare? Same applies.

When you’re a photographer, explain to them what they need to bring to a shoot how to get comfortable and what to expect. Then, save all your Instagram Highlight Ideas for the potential clients to watch.

Parafit Instagram Story Highlights
Parafit Instagram Story Highlights

7. Brand Story

Nothing connects with your audience better than serving with authenticity and telling stories post, a series of Stories on what made you start your business, what drives you, or what your brand mission is.

It’s a great way to represent your values and make your followers identify with you on a more personal level. Think about what you can share with your audience, your unique, and only you can figure out what this special story can be.

8. Create a Menu

You may not know this yet since we’re just getting to know each other but I’m a huge foodie. I love eating out. Exploring restaurants whether I’m in a city or Babbling and Instagram is one of the places I researched new spots and it’s something I’d love to see more businesses do.

So, If you’re a bistro coffee shop, Pub owner, do yourself a favor and create a menu highlight right now, showcase your best dishes or drinks or reveal a seasonal menu.

If you have Chef specials, put them up there as well. Serve the people who visit your profile looking for the next place to visit and make it easy to find for them, Later.

Instagram highlight ideas personal
Business Awake Instagram Story Highlights

9. Reviews

I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many accounts don’t take advantage of this in their highlights. We all know how testimonials Drive our business.

Nurses and how essential it is to feature social proof in your communication, save your tough, testimonials to your highlight reel, and let them do their thing. If you’re a coach, and your clients are achieving goals like crazy.

Thanks to your guidance, share the results in the highlights when chatting to your followers, in DNS. Ask them Whether you can share a screenshot of your stories. If they said something nice about you or your business, I guarantee you most of the time you’ll get a yes and it’s a brilliant way to display positive. That feels very native to the platform.

10. Recommendations

People love to know what others are using, right. It’s a great way to discover new things that they can use themselves and for you.

It’s another way to serve your community. It can be book recommendations or favorite skincare products. Just make it consistent with your brand.

If you use in love a project planning tool, share it with your audience in the stories, but don’t stop there and save it for later, so it can be easily found.

Not only is it a resource for your existing audience, but it brings value to your potential followers, too.

11. Resources

Speaking of this one is a gold mine. No matter how you serve your community sharing resources. For them to use is the ultimate Way of providing value beat your lead, magnet freebies, or an educational webinar that solves their problem.

Having it listed in your highlights attracts an Engaged audience. If you have a list of tools you use and share on your website, translate it to your stories and save it.

It really has the potential to transform your followers into clients. So try eating a resources highlight for your audience.

12. Frequently asked questions

I’ve spoken about education, many times and a frequently asked questions section is a fantastic way to answer the audience’s questions before they’re even asking.

Or if you get the same questions over and over again on Instagram, save the answers in the FAQ highlights and save yourself some time and answering them. Plus, if they still keep kept popping up. You can just direct them to the highlight.

Instagram highlight ideas business
Bewakoof’s Instagram Highlight Ideas

13. Regulation

I like the idea of having a set of rules for your profile. We’ve seen all audiences go rampant on some profiles, and the creators are then really struggling to keep everything in check.

Have clear rules for your profile. Might make your audience self-moderate, at least to some extent. Layout a few organizational guidelines. So that people know what to do

For instance, if your clients DM, you about delivery issues and your Instagram inbox is not the best way for your team to handle these. Tell your Clients in the stories where they should contact you if they have problems, if your true-crime podcaster, and gather case suggestions from your audience, through a specific email address.

That’s how you keep the listeners informed. And if someone breaks the rules repeatedly, there’s no need to feel guilty when acting in line with your principles, after all, they’re all they’re saved in your highlights.

14. Tutorial

I love tutorials they’re a great way to quickly learn through practice, share, how to with your audience on the subject letter. For and your, again, given their value educational content is always doing, well.

No matter what platform you’re on, and saving a tutorial in your highlights is a sure way to tap into this on Instagram. Remember, don’t hoard knowledge forever apply to your account straight away.

Showcase Testimonials & Reviews

Another tip, I love Instagram highlights, like from a strategy is to use a highlight to Showcase your Testimonials or reviews. Now guys, if you’re an influencer a blogger, this goes for you too.

You’re trying to work with Brands, right? You want people to know what it’s like working with You will share it there or share what your audience is saying about your content, right? Like, let’s just say, you’re getting tons of great feedback. Like, that was an amazing blog post or that was an awesome story.

I really love what you shared, use your highlights as a space to Showcase this information So think about it, when someone lands on your page and they see like, reviews, testimonials or what my community is saying, or whatever you want to name it, people are going to click it and see like all this positive information coming towards them about you, and you’re basically letting other people do the talking for you.

Absolutely try your best to figure out a way to bring your, testimonials or reviews or what your community is saying about you and your product and your content on your highlights.

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