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How to Increase Followers on Facebook

Increase Followers on Facebook

So in this article, we’ll share genuine ways to get more Facebook followers so you can get more leads and increase your sales.

To help you navigate this post, here’s a table of contents:

  1. Run a Facebook giveaway
  2. Use Facebook engagement ads
  3. Invite others to like your page
  4. Invite subscriber lists too
  5. Curate and post viral content
  6. Create your own viral content
  7. Encourage people to tag your page
  8. And tag other pages
  9. Create more video content
  10. Give Facebook Live a try

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Facebook is a great platform for reaching your target audience. And if you take a look at these Social Media Marketing statistics, you’ll see the majority of Facebook users are adults. So if your customer base is in that age range, you’ll want to promote your business on Facebook.

 Run a Facebook Giveaway

One of the easiest ways to get more Facebook followers for free is to run a giveaway. A contest has the potential to promote your Facebook page to a ton of people. And don’t forget, the quicker people interact with your content, the more chance you have of it showing in the news feed.


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