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What is Conquesting in Advertising | Conquesting Meaning

Conquesting in Advertising

Every sale is a contest because of dwindling brand loyalty and rising customer expectations. Every victory is a victory in and of itself. To be considered a true conquest marketer, you must go after customers who are not part of your customer retention marketing strategy. It’s simple to describe, but difficult to carry through.

Successful conquest marketing necessitates a thorough awareness of your target market and the competition in that industry. To win a combat, you need to know what your opponent is capable of.

What is Conquesting in Advertising?

Conquest Advertising is a strategy that uses SEM, display ads, and paid social to target customers of your competitors’ brands and products using keywords and data segments that show strong interest. “Conquesting” is essentially conquest advertising applied to search engine marketing (SEM). Using your immediate competitors’ brand or product names as some of your own target keywords is part of this strategy.

While your competitors’ customers are actively searching for your competitors’ products and services, you will be able to target them with PPC advertisements that appear in front of their organic or paid search results. This method may also be applied to your Display Advertising campaigns, which is something that many people fail to realize; through the use of intent and conquest targeting data, you may target your competitors’ clients who are already in your market.

What does conquest ads mean?

To win over customers who are considering buying from your competitors, you must use Conquest Marketing. Conquest marketing requires dealerships to be on their toes 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to be successful.

Service Campaign

The best way to expand your market share is through your customer service department. A whole business has been built around catering to this demand. Almost every automobile can be serviced at the local auto repair shop. Make sure you’re aiming for the right customers. Obviously, it makes sense to target those who already own the cars you’re selling, but what about targeting those who you want to sell to.

For example, a Honda dealer can offer an excellent service unique to a current Kia customer. It’s up to you to figure out their equity status once they arrive at the dealership and then offer them a fantastic deal. No worries if they don’t bite. You’re building a robust marketing database. If they do, investing in a rival brand and building up a used car fleet for a future conquest effort are both possible outcomes.

Tactics for a service marketing campaign include traditional media such as television and radio commercials and paid search and display ads on websites like Google and Facebook.


Become a part of the community by partnering with local businesses and offering their employees incentives to shop at your dealership. I realize that this isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but I’m still astonished at how few dealers invest in B2B marketing. A fleet-tail program requires a lot of time and effort. A program like this is unlikely to produce results right away, but it can be highly beneficial in the long run.

Direct mail, email, building personal relationships, and social media are all examples of fleet tactics.

Trade Campaigns

It’s impossible to overestimate the value of Trade Value promotions. One to two leads can simply be generated every day. A “Value Your Trade” page is all most merchants need. If you’re willing to spend a little money on paid search, you can completely eradicate this. Create a custom form that asks for the least amount of information possible while still providing you with enough information to have a meaningful conversation. This is the key to success! 

It’s all about aggressive, aggressive, aggressive advertising. As used in the advertising industry, “conquesting” refers to the practice of placing an ad promoting one’s products or services next to journalistic content on a competitor’s product or services.

 Best and effective strategies for Competitive Conquesting Campaigns?

  • When it comes to conquesting, an Omnichannel Strategy yields the best results.

Conquesting campaigns are frequently limited to print or digital media. Most people in the real world get their information from various sources (e.g., online, in print, via streaming, at retail, or through social platforms). Therefore, a multichannel approach covering a broader media strategy is suitable for reaching the whole possible audience.

  • It is necessary to manage the timing and components of the campaign actively.

Shorter campaigns are familiar with conquering. As a result, the overall promotional efforts that coincide with the purchase or repurchase cycle of a product or category can (and should) be longer. However, depending on the product category, the campaign’s exact duration must be carefully handled.

  • Adverts and in-store activity should have an obvious connection.

When a bargain explicitly addresses a consumer’s need, it has a positive impact on sales. These discounts are most effective when the messaging corresponds with the communication or activity taking place on the retail shelf. Digital media, for example, can be used to increase the visibility of an FSI or other print media in the marketplace.

  • Attract Customers to the Final Mile

Because consumers are constantly on the go, mobile devices are a fantastic way to localize a national or regional marketing campaign. Having attracted potential customers, the next stage is to help them go from interest and intent to actual purchase at the checkout counter.

If you want to win over bargain-hunters and switchers, you’ll need a conquesting plan. Another strategy to boost brand or store sales and kick-start your loyalty programs is to win over these competitive consumers. Your business and customer base will prosper if you use the correct blend of techniques.

Paid search conquesting

In the area of pay-per-click, the question of paid search conquesting has long been divisive. For starters, it’s a well-known method for generating bidding wars. A bidding war can have a detrimental impact on both sides, as their brand name visibility is challenged and their CPCs rise. The issue aside, competitive search ads can be a new way to gain attention and awareness for a business with a highly targeted demographic.

Do you know how to steal the traffic through conquesting google ads?

As a result of having a lower quality score than your competition for their keywords, which are fundamentally more relevant to the search, conquesting campaigns can be costly and significantly increase your Google Ads budget. Retaliation is a side effect of conquest wars to keep in mind. Your competitors can just as easily syphon traffic away from you. Keep an eye out for situations when everyone loses money except for Google, which ends up picking up the tab.


What are the different ad extensions?

Adding extensions to your ad gives customers extra reasons to choose you above the competition. A few percentage points can be gained by using these. An extension format can include call buttons, location data, links to specific portions of your website, additional text, and more.

What is social conquesting?

It is possible to gain access to your competitor’s customers by using social conquesting. As a part of this service, we leverage data from customers who have previously visited your competitor’s physical locations to give those customers your Facebook and Instagram advertising.


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